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Licensed Massage Practitioner – Michael McRobbie

‘begin at the end massage’

‘begin at the end massage’ recognizes that life constantly presents new and unexpected challenges. Just as the leaves of the tree turn from green to gold, we too, in our humanness, require time and space to let go, relax and grow. ‘begin at the end message’ is a safe, loving space where you can surrender to your stresses, anxieties, aches and pains with compassion and even gratitude. We are all unique and blessed with this gift of life, and life is an ever-changing journey. As is your massage experience. Each massage session begins with a brief discussion of your challenges or concerns. Your massage will be tailored to best meet your desired therapeutic outcome for the session. Michael McRobbie is a licensed massage practitioner, grateful to be a part of your journey and growth, and welcomes you to be a part of his.

About Michael

Michael is a Colorado native who grew up in Paonia and Hotchkiss. He is often found spending time with friends and family, whether in his back yard or out exploring in nature. His biggest heroes are his mother and brother. His fondness for the parables interwoven in the world’s religions humbles him daily. He has been extremely blessed with many loving opportunities as well as struggles, looking to challenges for the treasure often hidden within every experience. It is his deep desire to share the benefits of massage with his community.

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